Starting a blog


This is the start of my very first blog post on this new website. First, I’d like to give a short introduction about myself. I’m a 22 year old Computer Science student at Ghent University, Belgium. This blog is mainly about the things that wonder me in the Computer Science field, or things that I found out and that are worth checking out.

I’m very much interested in all that is technology (both hardware and software) and code. In my free time I’d love to write small utilities and tweak specific parts of my computer to increase working efficiency, as well as play simulation games with as much eye for detail as possible (my favourite is Cities Skylines at the moment). I’m not going to fix myself to a fixed schedule of blog post releases. Instead, I plan to write about things whenever they draw my attention.

I really like to learn about advanced concepts in Computer Science and that’s mainly the reason why I choose to study this a few years back. My studies are almost done and I’m currently working on a thesis in the domain of computational biology, which I really really like.

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