Trying to write a simple CS mod

Trying to write a simple CS mod


I’m currently right in the middle of trying to figure out how to write a simple Cities Skylines mod that allows the user to batch enable / disable all buildings of a certain type. There’s quite an extensive modding API that’s officially supported by Colossal Order, but this does not include nearly all possibilities in modding the game. Right now, I’m reading through this set of tutorials (going from tutorial 0 to 5) in order to grasp the basics. I’ve already encountered the need to disassemble the game’s main DLL to be able to get into more fundamental things (such as modifying information panel’s of buildings).

I’m going to describe the process of how my mod is built from the ground up in a follow up post, but in the mean time you can track my development progress in this public repository.

UPDATE (29/01/2019): The first part of my series on how I wrote this mod is live now, and can be found here.

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